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The EAA AirVenture Museum is a museum dedicated to the preservation and display of historical and experimental aircraft located in Oshkosh, Wisconsin adjacent to the Wittman Regional Airport. Paul Poberezny proposed the idea of the EAA Air Museum-Air Education center in August 1958. The current updated museum and headquarters was built in 1982, opening in 1983. The museum's collection displays over one hundred and fifty planes. The AirVenture Museum is a key tourist attraction in Oshkosh and is a center of activity throughout the EAA AirVenture Oshkosh event each summer.


The museum is open all year round with the exception of a few holidays. The museum contains a variety of planes purchased with visitor donations. Some of their airplanes include the Church Midwing, Funk B, and Monnett Moni. One of the museum's most popular planes is the Swallow OX-5. The Swallow OX-5 was designed for warfare and was built by Matty Laird. The plane, retired after eighty years of service, is used to provide rides to people coming to the museum. Visitors who have taken the plane ride offered by the museum can receive an EAA Eagle Flight Certificate and become a member of the World's Largest Logbook located in the museum












water landing capable aircraft











CURTISS A-1 PUSHER “Sweetheart” – N24034

Built in the Glen H. Curtiss shops at Hammondsport, New York, in 1912





Photos of Pioneer Airport

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AirVenture Museum "Innovations" War Planes Pioneer Airport Young Eagles


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