Hiram James Frysinger

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Hiram James Frysinger


hir01.jpg (100256 bytes)

formal baby portrait


hir02.jpg (94828 bytes)


hir03.jpg (110058 bytes)

as farmer showing calves with sister Muriel


hir04.jpg (91676 bytes)

as school boy


High School Yearbook


Hiram's page


hir05.jpg (78890 bytes)

as college student


hir06.jpg (78224 bytes)

as young teacher


dad.jpg (29478 bytes)

as minister


hir07.jpg (75112 bytes)

as school teacher
Lower Paxton Township


hir08.jpg (79621 bytes)

as school board member


hir09.jpg (74820 bytes)

as college department head


hir10.jpg (76065 bytes)

as retired person


hir11.jpg (82860 bytes)

as young husband


hir15.jpg (62703 bytes)

Hiram and Irene as older married couple


hir13.jpg (148581 bytes)

Home on Union Deposit Road, Harrisburg, Pennsylvania


hir14.jpg (119424 bytes)

At home with his second wife, Miriam


dad6.jpg (75774 bytes)

resting (1974)

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His Story

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Memories of earlier days


hir16.jpg (100679 bytes)

his first automobile


hir17.jpg (92543 bytes)

as farmer


hir18.jpg (120051 bytes)

his family business, raising chickens


hir19.jpg (151295 bytes)

with sister Muriel


father.jpg (100456 bytes)

in the chicken yard


hir20.jpg (156505 bytes)

Family Photo
(Hiram and Irene with parents and Harry and Muriel)


hir22.jpg (116312 bytes)

Four Generations
(Anne and her son, Allen, and his mother Clara)


hir23.jpg (95716 bytes)

Hiram and Irene


hir24.jpg (118413 bytes)

Hiram and Muriel in front yard at the farm


hir25.jpg (153301 bytes)

games at college


hir26.jpg (99876 bytes)

as a college baseball player


hir27.jpg (90725 bytes)

more college games


hir28.jpg (99408 bytes)

now a college graduate

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