Wade House



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Wade House

Photos of Dousman Inn


smoke house beside the main house


as seen from the garden


a fall squash



the bar room


a sink


heating stove


the dining area


a unique heating stove


a later period Victorian bed room


earlier simple room for overnight guests


kitchen sink


well was enclosed by later kitchen extension


the other dwelling on the site

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the Saw Mill


the sawmill



sawmill and the water dam


the water dam


log entrance to the mill


bringing in the logs


the sawyer


cutting the log using the water power


seen on a later visit


view from the saw mill

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horses are used to haul the tourists in the wagon



the blacksmith
for shoeing horses and fitting iron rims on the wagon wheels


on the site is the Carriage Museum


horse drawn fire engine


the beer truck
from the Sheboygan "Kingsbury" brewery


display of miniature wagons

More Photos of the Carriage Museum

new Visitor Center   new Carriage Museum

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Craft Show 2005  2009

Wild West Show 2005

Civil War Reenactment at the Old Wade House



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