Take the Best Panoramic Shots

 And How to Capture the Most Scenic Places in Australia


Any DSLR camera or even point and shoot digital cameras are now equipped with the best panorama mode features. In the days of film, one must invest in a rather special, expensive cameraóa camera thatís specifically built for taking panoramic shots and it could take hours in the dark room piecing those shots together by overlapping exposures. Today, one doesnít have to become a professional to take stunning panoramic views of the Blue Mountains which is just an hour away from Sydney. Australia is rich in natural beauty and this is one of the best places in the world to take epic panoramic shots that can be worthy of a  National Geographic spread. Apart from the grandeur of the Great Barrier Reef (where anyone shouldnít miss either), there are many places in Australia that are simply too spell binding to pass up what DialAFlight calls ďa piece of paradise.Ē Itís always a wonderful idea to share this experience using a panoramic photograph. Keeping the camera on the level can also help capture all the elements of the scene especially any faraway trees or mountain ranges. For example, capturing the 12 Apostles along the Great Ocean Road can be a feat especially those massive rock formations along the coast. If the lens is pointed downwards or slightly upwards, it will create a fan like effect that can give anyone a hard time piecing all the shots together especially when itís a massive 40 image shot. Using a super wide angle lens can further create more distortions if one isnít too careful. The wider the lens the more space and shots it captures, thus making room for more error and discrepancies in the scene. Also, if thereís movement in the scene like the crashing waves in the beautiful Kangaroo Island or some wildlife, it creates a slight blur or some blurry spots. Itís best to take a quick shot to avoid these moving elements alternatively it can also create a very dramatic effect. Lastly, donít forget to take a vertical panoramic shot, most people tend to overlook this but this shot is perfect for waterfalls and cliffs like the ones on Blue Mountain.


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