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Somewhere in Time


Jane Seymour, Christopher Reeve

(man who falls in love with a 70 year old painting and
goes back in time. Set in Mackinac Island.)


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The Gods Must Be Crazy


Marius Weyers, Sandra Prinsloo

(Bushman finds coke bottle dropped from airplane
and tries to take it to the end of the Earth to get rid of it)


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John Cassavetes, Gina Rowlands, Susan Sarandon

(Shakespeare's play in modern setting on Greek island.)


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A Christmas Story


Peter Billingsley

(Nine year old Ralphie dreams of perfect Christmas present,
"Red Ryder Carbine Action Two-hundred shot Lightening Loader Range Model Air Rifle".)


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Ton Hulse, Elizabeth Berridge, Jeffrey Jones

(Mozart's life as seen by his rival, Salieri)




Out of Africa


Meryl Streep, Robert Redford

(life of Karen Blixen who came to Africa and fell in love.)


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Harrison Ford

(Young Amish woman and her son caught up in a murder.
Harrison Ford, as a cop, hides away in Amish country)

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