Susie Keller Royer


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Her childhood home at Springville, Pennsylvania


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as it looks today


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school class


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bathing costumes (Annie and Susie)


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Sunday backyard picnic


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listed as a member of the graduating class


susie07a.jpg (133019 bytes)

gave the Oration "Yes or No"


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the beautiful program cover


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wedding notice


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marriage certificate

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Her History

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ride in the car


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house in Lititz


gmroyerfaye.jpg (123223 bytes)

with baby Faye


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the famous pond
(with the fence so Galen can not jump in again)


gmroyersisters.jpg (123741 bytes)

with her sisters, Annie Lane and Elizabeth Forry

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Other relatives


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taken at York
(back row left to right: Harry Forry, Annie Lane, Harry Lane)
(front row left to right: Waune Keller, Harry Lane Jr., Florence Lane)


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Elizabeth Forry, Emma Bupp Keller, Susie Royer. Harry Forry, Wayne Keller
in front, Irene Keller and Wayne Keller Jr.

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gmroyer.jpg (91962 bytes)

on the street


quilter.jpg (124055 bytes)

the Hanoverdale church Ladies Aid Society
(both grandmother Royer (second on left row) and grandmother Frysinger ( third on right row) are quilting)

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gmroyer(1940).jpg (107080 bytes)

in 1940


mothergmroyer.jpg (87817 bytes)

at the World's Fair with Irene


susie royer.jpg (76076 bytes)

her funeral
with her son-in-law, Hiram, in foreground

Her Funeral Memorial Book



Susan Mae Keller died on 1 Jul 1974 and was buried in Longeneckers Church of the Brethren Cemetery
beside her husband Clayton H. Royer.

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